Mother House: Rome

The will to enter the priesthood society total headquarters is in Rome and lasts for 44 countries in 32 districts.
■Provinces:32 ■Countries:44

The Society of the Sacred Heart is a Catholic religious congregation of women. It was founded in 1800 and is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the education of young people.

The Society aims to educate children and youth, the next generation, that they may build a better world.

The 150 Religious of the Sacred Heart in Japan are engaged in varied ministries. All their activities are oriented towards education.

Internationality is a characteristic of the Society of the Sacred Heart. The Society was founded in France in 1800 and spread all over Europe, North and South America, Australia, Asia, and Africa. Currently there are about 3000 members in 44 countries, serving people and inspired with the desire to communicate God's love.

In 1908, the first four missionary Sisters arrived in Japan from the Province of Australia. Then French and Belgian Sisters joined them, followed by Sisters from Spain, New Zealand, the United States, Germany, Malta, England, Poland, China, Taiwan, Korea, and the Philippines. Over the years many Sisters have come to Japan and taken part in the educational apostolate.

The Japan Province is happy that Japanese Sisters, too, are being sent on missions abroad. Now the field of activity of Japanese Sisters has spread throughout the world. The Japanese Sisters cooperate with Sisters sent from other parts of the world. In Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, France, Italy, and elsewhere, they are serving to answer the grass-roots needs of the local community.

  • to be aware of the changes taking place in the world, to analyze them, and open ourselves to be changed through them.
  • to support one another in our zeal to communicate the love of God to the ends of the earth.
  • to welcome other cultures and to open ourselves to be questioned by them. (This was especially stressed by the Society's General Chapter in 1994.)