Formation in the Society of the Sacred Heart

It takes many years before a woman starts working for others as a religious of the Sacred Heart. St.Madeleine Sophie, Foundress, had ‘generosity’ as a motto of this little society. “God’s mercy and faithfulness shine forth in a world wounded by sin.” (Constitutions #2)

Spirit of the Religious of the Sacred Heart is nurtured through many years of formation from the candidate, the novice, the professed of temporary vows, and to the final profession.

  • The Candidate 6 months to 2 years
    This stage is to enable the candidate and the Society to know each other. Some will live together in a community for a certain period of time, continuing their work which they have been doing. It differs according to each one’s situation, but it helps the candidate to confirm her choice through living more closely with the members of the Society.
  • The Novice 2 years
    This stage is to start the first religious commitment, and to deepen their call in faith. Prayer is the center of their life. They study the history and the spirituality of the Society, deepening the relationship with Jesus in prayer. Thus, they deepen their call and prepare for the first vows.
  • Professed of Temporary Vows 6 – 8 years
    This stage is to live together with professed members and deepen their consecrated life through community life, apostolate, study and contact with others.
  • Preparation for Final Vows
    This stage is to be away from ordinary daily life, and to go out to other provinces to have international experience to get to know the Society better. They experience various situations of the Society in and out, and learn to see things with the eyes of Jesus. Preparation right before making final vows is a time for international formation, and they learn to open their eyes anew to the Society worldwide. They build a community together with sisters from other countries with many different cultural backgrounds. It helps them to have a wider sense of the church in the world. After making their final vows they walk their life of commitment in a place they are sent from the Society where prayer and work will be integrated.

Information for those who are interested in the Society of the Sacred Heart


For those interested in the Society, or in a prayer meeting, following are the schedule of the prayer meeting: ‘The Way to the Sacred Heart - Prayer Meeting –‘


- to know about St. Madeleine Sophie, Foundress of the Society

- to read scripture together, pray, and share what we think and feel

We also plan to invite Sr. Yuka Arita, member of the Society in the Philippines to hear what she does in the Philippines. On other occasions, we will invite a priest to have Mass, a talk, and to pray together.



Tuesday May 6th 14:00 to 17:00 Dai-ni community
Sr. Yuka Arita

Sunday June 22nd 13:30 to 16:30 Dai-ni community
Sr. Atsuko Kanno

Saturday July 19th 13:30 to 16:30 Dai-ni community
Sr. Toshiko Takahashi

Saturday September 13th – Friday 15th Visit Tohoku Disaster Area

If you are interested, please contact the following

Sr. Atsuko Kanno 080-5448-1865
Sr. Toshiko Takahashi 03-3409-1937 Ake-no-hoshi Community

Invitation to a prayer meeting ‘Way to the Sacred Heart’

1. Date /Time: Sunday November 9th  14:00-17:30

Theme: Life of St. Madeleine Sophie, Foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart

Talk on ‘Sophie as Educator’ by Sr. Atsuko Kanno (Sacred Heart sister)

2. Date/Time: Sunday December 14th 14:00-17:30

Talk on the: ‘Birth of Jesus’ by Fr. Robouam (Society of Jesus)

Venue: Society of the Sacred Heart, Shibuya Campus, Dai-ni Convent

Contact: 080-5448-1865 Sr. Atsuko Kanno

Photos of Prayer meetings